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Booklet printing services

When you have too much information for a flyer, booklets are your next step. Pages need to be in multiples of 4 (or the booklet will fall apart!)

  • Event programs/magazines
  • Price books
  • Product guides/catalogues
  • Annual reports
  • Mini booklet printing and small booklet printing
  • Custom booklet printing
  • History book printing

Is it for something special? Maybe a deluxe booklet with a heavy weight laminated cover is what you are looking for? Adding spot UV, foil and embossing to the cover is an easy way to take it up a level! Standard booklet sizes are DL, A5 and A4.

Booklet binding explained

Saddle stitch booklets

This is the most economical option, and looks great. The booklet is folded and stapled down the spine. This is how small magazines like New Idea and Woman’s Day are held together.The number of pages that can be held together depends on the paper used – usually about 64. A variation is a loop stitch where the back of the staple has a loop that sticks out from the spine so the book can be placed into a binder.

Perfect Binding

This is for hard cover (case bound) and soft cover books. It has a flat spine and the pages are grouped into sections and glued to the spine.

Wire, Plastic Comb and Plastic Coil Binding

Holes are punched along the spine edge of the sheets of paper, and then wire or plastic is threaded through the holes. Wiro binding is a series of double loops, and continuous coil is a simple coil threaded through the holes. This method is suitable for large books that will be handled a lot (eg, training manuals, instruction guides, policy documentation, product catalogues). Plastic comb binding is less sturdy, but is another popular option.

Drilled for a binder/folder

We are also able to drill holes through the pages to make them fit any type of binder. We can also supply custom printed binders, or printed cover and spine inserts for insert binders/lever arch folders.

Self cover v Custom cover booklets

Self cover booklets

When a booklet is self covered, it means that the cover of the booklet is the same paper and finish as the pages. This is the cheapest option, and as long as the chosen paper stock is suitable, the results are great.

Custom cover booklets

If you want to take your booklet to the next level, then the options are huge! Typically the cover will be heavier than the pages. It can be on coated or uncoated stock. You might want to add a gloss or matt laminate (celloglaze) to one or both sides of the cover. You can also consider adding embossing, a high shine spot UV or other effects like foil. The cover can be oversized and creased or scored to create a flap. Hard covers or case bound books are very classy, and if you have the budget are a brilliant way of presenting something really special.

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