Artwork specs & Templates

Artwork Files

At North West Press we provide a graphic design service if you require print ready files and we will create an eye catching design to suit your business needs. If you are supplying artwork files, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure processing and proofing run smoothly.

All files must be supplied as a CMYK high resolution PDFs with 3mm bleed on all sides and crop marks. These files can be generated from applications like Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Other program variants may result in a file that is RGB, low resolution and without bleed and crop marks.

Whether your job is being printed on the digital or offset press, your file must be supplied in this way.

Some tips and points to remember:

  • Page size – does it match the quote?
  • Is there a minimum of 3mm bleed on all sides applied to the file? (Minimum of 5mm for all Web Press jobs)
  • Are there crop marks on the file and have an offset of at least 3mm?
  • Are images a minimum of 300dpi?
  • Check no live text outside maximum area – must be at least 5mm from the trim + bleed
  • View PDF with Overprint Preview on – check components will overprint or knockout correctly, and there is no show through
  • Check PDF in Separations View in Acrobat Pro, are there Spot Colour Plates in the file, should there be? If Spot Plate is a die shape is it set to overprint, not knockout?
  • Ensure text is 1 colour black (C0 M0 Y0 K100) not RGB or Registration
  • Large solid areas of black may appear washed out, a Rich Black is obtained by C30 M30 Y30 K100 not C0 M0 Y0 K100
  • Are all fonts embedded? If there is an error message on export, turn offending font to outlines
  • Borders and keyline minimum is 0.5 point
  • Border that forms the page edge no smaller than 5mm wide + bleed
  • Is there small lite or book fonts reversing out of solid colours, will it fill in?
  • If your brochure is a 6pp DL, 6pp A4, or any other folding brochure, are your panels the correct size? Contact your Bolton Print Sales Executive if you’re unsure what each panel size is.
  • Is your booklet perfect or burst bound? Do you have the correct spine and double page spread measurements?

For any further artwork queries, please email [email protected]